Madinah First

executive express

Our shortest and most exclusive program that features access to your five-star deluxe hotel in Makkah during the days of Hajj as well as enjoying the superior facilities, services and hospitality of our Executive Lounge in Mina for an unparalleled Hajj experience. 

july 24 – August 4, 2020

OUr Scholars

Shaykh Salah Alsawy

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

Shaykh Mohammed Faqih

Shaykh Jameel Besada

Shaykh Saif Morad

Shaykh Ali Nassir

A life changing journey

Make Hajj an experience that you will fondly cherish for a lifetime


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Quad £12,999
Triple £13,499
Double £14,499

Standard room configuration is double occupancy. Extra roll-away beds are added for triple and quad occupancy


Madinah: July 25 – 29  ➞  Makkah (Manasik): July 29 – August 4  ➞  Jeddah: August 4 – Until Departure​


Makkah: Fairmont Hotel | Madinah: Hilton Hotel


Refer to gateways tab for information on departure and arrival cities.

London Heathrow

Manchester (may incur additional charges).

Other International gateways available for British citizens (will incur extra charges).


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July 25, 2020 – July 29, 2020

Home is where the heart is and Madinah is where you left it

Both those who have been and those who long to, all have a deep and endearing love for this blessed city, all because of the stories of sacrifice and struggle of the Prophet and his companions.


July 29, 2020 – August 4, 2020

 A reward no less than Paradise itself!

Huge masses of people, all travelling fervently in the same direction, from Mina to the plains of Arafat, for that big day, that moment that everything was building up to… the day of Hajj!

Manasik of Hajj

July 29, 2020 – August 2, 2020

The charm and vibrant colours of the Ummah converge here

Gaze in amazement at the beautiful diversity of Muslims from all around the world, each group with its own unique style and grace, but unified with one aim, to complete the Sacred Hajj.


A late-night stroll by the sea or a midday luxury shopping spree

Depending on your flight schedule, you may be able to enjoy a stay in Jeddah, relax by the Red Sea with views of the world’s tallest water fountain, visit the historic city of Al-Balad or shop until your drop in one of its many impressive malls.

JazakAllah Khair for making our Hajj super special. You and DST team have been nothing short of amazing in going above in beyond to make this Hajj trip safe and spiritual for all of us alhamdullillah.

Noor & Zubair Chaudry

We wanted to take a moment to thank
the entire DST team.
Alhumdullilah, this Hajj was far easier
than we ever had expected!



Carefully Selected Accommodations
  • Accommodation in 5-star hotel in Madinah very close to Al Masjid Al Nabawi
    • Open buffet breakfast & dinner in 5-star hotels with flexible timing
    • Choose from the following hotel options:
      • 6B: Madinah: Hilton Madinah
  • Accommodations in 5-star hotels in Mecca very close to Al Masjid Al Haraam
    • Full access to the hotel during the Manasik with transportation provided between Mena and the hotel each day during the Manasik of Hajj
    • Open buffet breakfast & dinner with flexible timing during regular days
    • Open buffet breakfast & lunch with flexible timing during Manasik of Hajj days
    • Choose from the following hotel options:
      • 6B: Makkah: Fairmont Makkah Royal Clock Tower
Exclusive Hajj Camps and Services
  • Stay in Dar El Salam’s Private Executive Mina Camp, located right across from the Jamarat (closest camp)
      • Accommodation in Mena Executive Lounge in air-conditioned, pre-fabricated units with drywall and ceramic tile to keep it cool in the summer heat
      • Foam mattress sleeping chair accommodated in Executive Lounge
      • Exquisite, superior buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with flexible timing, catered by professional, French-trained chefs served within the Executive Lounge
      • Refreshing hot & cold beverages available 24/7
      • Dedicated attendants in washrooms to keep it clean with ample supplies
      • Congregational prayers & lectures by qualified Imams
      • Dedicated barbers available in camp
  • Private Dar El Salam Arafat camp in executive air-conditioned furnished tents

      • Breakfast & lunch provided
      • Refreshing hot & cold beverages available 24/7
      • Dedicated attendants in washrooms to keep it clean with ample supplies
      • Congregational prayers & Khutbah of Arafat delivered by qualified Imam
Religious and Spiritual Development Program
  • Preparing you for Hajj prior to the trip
    • Spiritual Sessions delivered through live webinars
    • Manasik of Hajj (Rites & Rituals) live webinars tailored to itinerary of the Hajj Program
      • Separate sessions delivered in English, Arabic and Urdu
    • Women Only Manasik of Hajj live webinar to present issues women face during Hajj
    • In person, live, Administrative & Logistics of Hajj delivered in various regions in USA, Canada and the UK
    • Online, interactive, Dar El Salam Hajj Forum with hundreds of Administrative & Religious topics and Q&A made available 7×24
    • Introducing you to your Group Leaders, Imams and Managers via live webinars
    • Educational materials provided prior to the trip
  • Religious and Spiritual Development during Hajj
    • Many informative and heart-softening lectures and reminders throughout the trip
    • Ziyarah trip in Madinah touring historically significant sites
    • Walking tour of the Prophet’s Masjid
    • Group night prayers (tahajjud) led by our imams on the roof of Masjid Al Haram, Makkah
    • Visits to Museums and Exhibitions where available.
DST Hajj Management and Exclusive Services
  • Dar El Salam assigned, qualified persons to serve you:
    • Dedicated and experienced qualified Imams to provide spiritual guidance and for Q&A throughout the trip
    • Dedicated and experienced Group Leaders to provide administrative and logistical guidance and assistance
    • Dedicated and experienced Ladies Representative for each program
    • Dedicated Program and Operation Managers to manage all aspects of the Program
    • Medically qualified physicians assigned to provide general medical advice
  • Worry free Dar El Salam luggage management between Madinah, Makkah and Jeddah

  • Ground transportation in private air-conditioned buses

  • Dedicated agent from our office assigned throughout the booking process until your departure. Other staff members from the team available to assist you
  • Our team of staff members are available to assist you
Complimentary Items
  • Complimentary items
    • Ihraam for male pilgrims
    • Prayer rug for female pilgrims
    • Dar El Salam backpack for your convenience and use during Manasik of Hajj
    • Dar El Salam drawstring shoe bag
    • 5-liter packed Zamzam water to bring home to family and loved ones


  • Hajj Draft fee (£400)
  • Includes VAT and Sacrifice Fee


  • Domestic flight to international gateway, if applicable
  • If you performed Hajj in the last 5 years (2015 – 2019), the Ministry of Hajj may charge a Hajj Visa fee of GBP £470