Madinah, the city of our beloved Prophet, where he emigrated to when seeking refuge from the persecution of the Makkans.  The city of the Ansaar, the Helpers, those that welcomed him and his companions with open arms and sacrifice.  Much is learned from the time that the Prophet spent in Madinah and your time here will allow you explore these lessons and increase in your deep love for him and his companions.

Additionally, to ensure that you have a smooth, pleasant and fulfilling experience, our staff from the US, Canada and the UK as well as our locally employed are eager to further support our logistical operations in delivering a journey of a lifetime that you will cherish for many years to come.

Experience the DST difference – all of our programs include some of the very best hotels and private air-conditioned buses, however, we take much pride in offering many exemplary services which include a strong religious and spiritual development program, developed and delivered by expert religious scholars, and boasts many informative and heart-softening lectures, as well as tours of some of the significant historical sites during our ziyarah trip and our famous ‘Walking Tour around the Prophet’s Masjid’ that describes touching moments of the Messenger’s life, increasing you in your deep love for him and his companions.