Egypt With Dr. Yasir qadhi

Welcome to Egypt, a land where the sands of time intertwine with the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage, offering a journey of spiritual enlightenment and cultural discovery. From the towering minarets of Cairo’s ancient mosques to the serene sanctuaries of Alexandria, Egypt’s Islamic perspective offers a glimpse into a world shaped by prophets, scholars, and rulers. Explore the vibrant souks where traders once bartered under the watchful gaze of minarets, or wander through the labyrinthine streets of Islamic Cairo, where hidden gems await around every corner. Egypt invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, where the legacy of Islam resonates in every stone and story.

Old Cairo

Cairo is often referred to as a city of a thousand minarets and it is certainly full of impressive, historic mosques from the time Muslims first conquered Egypt in the 7th century and throughout the various caliphates that ruled over it. Masjid Al-Azhar is an icon of Islam in Egypt, built in the 10th century, for the newly established capital city. Around 900 years later, the Ottomans built the Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, modeled on the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul.


Luxor, located in the south of Egypt, is often referred to as the world’s largest open-air museum due to its vast array of ancient monuments, tombs and temples.  Formerly a capital of the Pharaohs and home to the famed Valley of the Kings tombs, a royal necropolis of the Pharaonic New Kingdom era where, amongst many others, the famous Tutankhamen and Ramses were buried. As you venture inside you can appreciate the elaborate decorations and see the depictions of the afterlife in their tombs.

The Luxor and Karnak Temples are amongst the archaeological highlights of Egypt and the most visited sites after the Pyramids in Giza.  The temples are thousands of years old and were once the most important and largest religious centers in Egypt. The Luxor Museum contains fascinating ancient statues and artifacts found in the temples and will have you captivated by the absolutely amazing ancient Egyptian history.

Giza Pyramids

The iconic Pyramids of Giza plateau, just on the outskirts of Cairo, is an ancient necropolis, or cemetery, for several pharaohs that ruled ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.  Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it consists of three main pyramids guarded by a 4500-year-old limestone statue of a body of a lion with a Pharaoh’s head – the Great Sphinx. If you love history, then you’ll love the new Grand Egyptian Museum – a billion-dollar project with 500,000 square meter space housing around 100,000 ancient artefacts!


Embark on a captivating one-day tour of Alexandria’s Islamic heritage, immersing yourself in centuries of spiritual and cultural significance. Begin your day with a visit to the awe-inspiring Abu Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, marveling at its intricate architecture and tranquil ambiance. Explore the historic Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, tracing the city’s early Islamic roots. After a delightful lunch, continue your journey with a guided tour of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, delving into its Islamic artifacts and manuscripts. Conclude your experience with a visit to the formidable Qaitbay Citadel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and a stroll along the scenic Corniche, reflecting on the profound legacy of Islamic heritage in Alexandria.

Choose Your Trip

November in Egypt

Nov 21 – Nov 30

Air & Land Package on Egypt Air from JFK

Departure from JFK: November 21, 2024

Return to JFK: November 30, 2024

Triple $3,645 per person
Double $3,745 per person
Single $4,895 per person

* This Option Includes one extra night in Cairo on arrival

Air & Land Package on Egypt Air from JFK & Return to Newark

Departure from JFK: November 21, 2024

Return to EWR: November 30, 2024

Triple $3,595 per person
Double $3,695 per person
Single $4,745 per person

* This Option Includes one extra night in Cairo on arrival

Land Only Package

Group Arrival and Departure Dates: 

November 23  – November 30

Triple $2,415 per person
Double $2,515 per person
Single $3,615 per person

Trip at a Glance
  • Day 1 (Nov 22) Arrival of 1st group in Egypt
  • Day 2 (Nov 23) – Arrival of 2nd group in Egypt; Free day for guests who arrived on Nov 22
  • Day 3 (Nov 24) – Full-day excursion to Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
  • Day 4 (Nov 25) – Exploration of Islamic Cairo (Citadel of Saladin, Sultan Qalawun Complex & Khan El Khalili Bazaar)
  • Day 5 (Nov 26) – Tour of Ancient Egyptian History and Islamic Art in Cairo (Al-Azhar Park, Gayer-Anderson Museum, Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Sultan Hassan Mosque and the Al-Rifa’i Mosque)
  • Day 6 (Nov 27) – Flight to Luxor
  • Day 7 (Nov 28) – Tour of Luxor; Flight back to Cairo
  • Day 8 (Nov 29) – Optional day tour to Alexandria from Cairo
  • Day 9 (Nov 30) – Departure


  • Accommodation for 6/7 nights in Cairo hotel with breakfast
  • Accommodation for 1 Night in Luxor hotel with breakfast
  • Skip the airport line with our Fast Track service upon arrival at Cairo International Airport.
  • Meet and greet service by our representatives at airports
  • Assistance of our guest relations during your stay
  • All transfers by deluxe A/C vehicle
  • Domestic flight ticket Cairo to Luxor to Cairo
  • All sightseeing tours in Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor as mentioned in the itinerary group tours
  • Local English-speaking tour guide during your tours
  • Bottled water during outings outside of hotel or cruise ship
  • Admission fees to the sights throughout the tours as per the itinerary
  • Lunch on all Tour days
  • Farewell Group Dinner


  • International Flights
  • Tipping & Gratitudes are highly recommended.
  • Any Extras not mentioned all above

I’m deeply thankful for all your kindness in assisting and guiding through this journey. May Allah bless you and all your loved ones with the best in this world and the next Ameen JAK.

Navid Khan

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Thank you Dar El Salam for everything you have been amazing in every way and may Allah bless you and jazakom Allah Khairan .

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