In less than a hundred years since the Prophetic Hijrah, during the ‘Golden Age of Islam’ the vastness of the Islamic Empire expanded all the way to Europe. Muslims from North Africa, under the leadership of Tariq bin Ziyad, conquered Spain and brought along with them their system of governance and law as well as beautiful architecture and vibrant culture.

 Journey with us and visit the Iberian Peninsula, Al-Andalusia, and explore the abundant Islamic history of Seville, Cordoba, Ronda, Granada and more. An 8-day tour bringing the history and heritage of Muslim Spain to life. See for yourself how over 700 years of Muslim rule left a legacy of Islamic Spain that remains today in the beautifully ornate mosques and palaces, as well as the rich local culture.

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Temperature checks will be taken before trips for your safety.

Wearing masks on your journey helps keep everyone safe.

We’re committed to facilitating physical distancing.

All guests and staff are to adhere to sanitizing procedures at all times.

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Available Travel Dates

March 19 – March 26, 2022 – SOLD OUT

May 28 – June 4, 2022- SOLD OUT

July 11 – July 18, 2022- SOLD OUT

August 20 – August 27, 2022

November 19 – November 26, 2022


Seville – Ronda – Cordoba – Medinat AlZahra – Alpujarra

Granada – Toledo



Triple $1,595 per person
Double $1,695 per person
Single $1,895 per person

Child rate no bed: $995 per child ages 2-9 years old, above 9 years old Adult rate. Under 2 years old is FREE

All room occupancy must be within family individuals due to Covid-19 guidelines. Single travelers must choose Single room

Trip at a Glance

Day 1 Arrival Seville
Upon your arrival at Seville airport you will be greeted in the arrivals by Dar El Salam representative. Once the group has gathered you will do the check in to your hotel in Seville and check into the hotel. Evening you will go to the plaza de España. This tour takes around 2 hours. Overnight in Seville. Bed & breakfast

Day 2 Seville 
Golden Tower
After breakfast we will take a guided visit to Alcácer (10:00) and the golden tower. After that you will go for optional lunch and 13:45 to the historic city center which will include the Cathedral of Seville and its Giralda Tower (14:00), once the biggest Minaret in the world, it is said Muezzin used to ride up on a horse to call the Azan. After that you will return to the hotel around 16:00 or 17:00 more or less, overnight in Seville. Bed & breakfast

Day 3 Seville-Ronda-Cordoba 
Roman Bridge

After breakfast at 09:00 we will do check out from the hotel and we will make our way to Ronda. Ronda trip takes around 3 hours. After the tour to Ronda we will go to Córdoba. Depends on the arrival we can go to the roman bridge and visit Calahorra museum if it will be open that time otherwise we will do this on the following day. Overnight in Cordoba. Bed and breakfast

Cordoba Masjid
After breakfast at 09:30 we will take a guided tour to the archaeological site of Medinat al Zahra. The city built by the Caliph Abdul Rahman III. Here we will see the Palace ruins and take a visit to the new exhibitions and museum. Optional lunch and later we will go to Cordoba masjid, one of the most important and largest masjid in its time. After that (if we do not visit the roman bridge and calahorra museum on the arrival day) we will go through the old quarter and then across the old Roman bridge for a visit to a fantastic interactive Museum on Islamic Spain named Calahorra Museum also through the old Roman bridge we will see the bridge from both sides. At the end we will go back to your hotel. Overnight in Cordoba. Bed & Breakfast

Day 5 Córdoba-Granada 
After breakfast at 09:00 we will do check out from the hotel and we will make our way to Granada. Upon arrival to Granada we will go to Alpujarra. On the way we will stop at the Muslim fort/castle which is the location of one of the last stands made by the Muslims of Alpujarra. There we will go to Lanjarón to see an old Muslim ruins of a castle and later we will go to Órgiva to have rest in a revert Muslim restaurant (lunch optional not included). Later we will go to Granada to check into the Hotel. Overnight in Granada. Bed & breakfast

Day 6 Granada 

After breakfast we will make our way to the Alhambra. Usually the
Highlight of the tour for many. Nominated a wonder of the world the visit to the Palaces, gardens and fort will leave you breathless. The visit to the Alhambra can take up to 4-5 hours. Later we will go to Albaicin (World heritage site), medieval Muslim town
And stroll through its labyrinthine narrow streets, through shops, restaurants and of course stop at Mirador de San Nicolas (Pick point), to contemplate the wonderful view of the Alhambra. There we will see a wonderful Muslim modern mosque (Grand Mosque) where we will pray. After that we will be transferred to our hotel. Overnight in Granada. Bed and breakfast

Day 07 Granada -Toledo 
After breakfast at 09:30 AM we will do check out from the hotel and we will go by a private bus to Toledo to check in to your Hotel (Sercotel Alfonso VI Hotel). Depend on how we will feel we can do some sightseeing such as city center panoramic view for the city and depend of the flight back home time we can see Toledo Cathedral from outside in that day or in the following day. Overnight in Toledo. Bed & Dinner

Day 08 Toledo-Madrid -Home 

Early morning you will be transferred to Madrid airport to take your flight back home.

Our Andalusian experience comes to an end with final farewells.

Program Highlights

Seville Tour highlights:

Plaza de España, Alcazar, The golden tower, Seville Cathidral, Giralda


Medinat AlZahra

Cordoba Tour highlights:

Cordoba Mosque and Old roman Bridge, Museum in Calahorra tower

Granada Tour highlights:

Alpujarra, The Alhambra and Albaicin




Accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis 4* in Seville, Córdoba and Granada:
Accommodation on Bed and Dinner basis 4* in Toledo:
2 nights Hotel in Seville in (Ayre Hotel)
2 nights Hotel in Cordoba in (Cordoba Center Hotel)
2 nights Hotel in Granada in (Gran Luna Hotel)
1 night Hotel in Toledo in (Sercotel Alfonso VI Hotel)
Transfers by car
Group Transfer Seville Airport-Hotel in Seville (designated pickup time)
Seville Hotel-Córdoba Hotel
Córdoba Hotel-Granada Hotel
Granada Hotel-Toledo Hotel (designated dropoff time)
Group Transfer Toledo Hotel-Madrid Airport
Tours (Guide, entrance fees and transport)



International Airfare
Lunch and dinners except dinner last night
Any other item not mentioned in the trip details

*In case of any quarantine due to COVID all expenses are not included for any days


Seville: Ayre Hotel | Cordoba: Eurostars Azahar | Granada: Sercotel Palacio de los Gamboa | Toledo: Hospedium Posada de la Silleria

Roundtrip International Flight Not Included

Please contact our offices for International ticket options from your local gateway



Seville houses one of the most famous and iconic remnants of Islamic Spain – the Real Alcazar, or Royal Alcazar – a remarkable palace built by the Muslim ruling class in the 8th century. It is a fine and unique example of Mudéjar art – a style, deeply rooted in cultural diversity and originating from practising Muslims living in Christian territories in historical Spain.

Marvel at the Seville Cathedral, originally AlJama Mosque constructed by the order of the Almohad caliph Abu Yaqub Yusuf. Admire the Giralda, now a bell tower for the cathedral, but originally the minaret of the mosque, and in its time the tallest tower in the world, designed to resemble the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh.


One of the world’s greatest Islamic buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mezquita, or Grand Mosque of Cordoba, is a symbol of the worldly, sophisticated culture that flourished here more than a millennium ago, in the 8th century, when Córdoba was capital of Islamic Spain and western Europe’s biggest, most cultured city.

The design evolved for around 200 years to its final form as the Grand Mosque, until it was repurposed as a cathedral and altered accordingly. One of the most famous features of the building is its 856 double arches that are modelled on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba remains a truly mesmerizing building that exudes history, culture and opulence.


Ronda, spectacularly located atop El Tajo gorge and overlooking most of the region, has a rich Islamic heritage which can be seen through its magnificent architecture, with most of it being created after the fall of Cordoba’s caliphate, when it became Taifah Ronda, an independent Muslim kingdom. The town is famously known for the best-preserved bathhouses (hammams) of that era in the whole of Spain as well as for being the birthplace of celebrated polymath, inventor and engineer Abbas ibn Firnas.


The 17th century Puente Viejo, the Old Bridge, also known as the Arab Bridge, crosses over the Guadalevin river. The breath-taking scenery, the surrounding mountains, the flowing river, coupled with rich history and warm culture, make Ronda a definite stop for anyone touring Islamic Spain.


Granada, the last stronghold of Muslims in Spain, is filled with exquisite architecture and serene surroundings telling of a historic time in which Muslims ruled over this region. Every turn speaks of remnants of this age and the prosperity enjoyed by the people living there.

You’ll be taken back to this time as you walk through the picturesque arches, stroll through the Arab quarter or drink tea at one of teterías of Albayacin.

The iconic and astonishing AlHambra, standing at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, Spain’s highest mountain range, is a jewel in the crown of Islamic Spain. Developed in the 13th century, Alhambra, a series of palaces, citadel, gardens and orchards, was the residence for the Nasarid sultans and elites, the last remaining Muslim dynasty in Al-Andalus. The profound beauty in its architectural design, intricate detail and engineering leaves visitors in awe of its allure.


Known as the ‘city of three cultures’ due to the peaceful coexistence of  Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities for centuries. Toldeo’s magnificence comes from the numerous mosques, synagogues and churches alongside its palaces and fortresses. Amongst the most famous are the Catedral Primada de Toledo, a gothic cathedral, the Mezquita del

Cristo de La Cruz, the Mosque of Christ of the Light, a 10th century mosque and the Santa María la Blanca, a former synagogue built in the Muslims style of construction.

Gaze in wonder at the rich and diverse history of Toldeo that exudes out of its buildings, landscapes and culture. A UNESCO World Heritage site, still preserving its original layout and accessible through its narrow, winding streets, Toldeo will leave you deeply fascinated with Islamic Spain.

I’m deeply thankful for all your kindness in assisting and guiding through this journey. May Allah bless you and all your loved ones with the best in this world and the next Ameen JAK.

Navid Khan

Columbus, OH

Thank you Dar El Salam for everything you have been amazing in every way and may Allah bless you and jazakom Allah Khairan .

Reema Alkaik

Los Angeles, CA

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