The greatest and most blessed city in Islam, where all your prayers and good deeds are multiplied by a hundred thousand. Not only is it our qiblah, direction of prayer, but it is where we come, from far and wide, to respond to the call of Allah to perform the rites of Hajj. It is also the birthplace of our Prophet Muhammad and where he resided for most of his life, calling the people to Islam. From the many years that he spent there calling people to Allah, from the very first to the last, are stories and lessons of strong belief, sacrifice and love that teach us our religion and increase us in faith. 

Across all of our programs, we have a team of around 150 staff from the US, Canada and the UK, as well as 300 locally employed staff members to ensure that every aspect of your journey is carefully planned and taken care of so you can focus on getting the most out of your Hajj.

Beyond the luxury five star hotels and private air-conditioned transport, we are proud to provide a world class, unparalleled service that includes the gem in our crown – our strong religious and spiritual development program, designed and delivered by around 30 expert religious scholars and includes informative and heart-warming lectures, group night prayers (tahajjud) led by our imams on the roof of Masjid Al Haram as well as visits to museums and exhibitions where available, all to enhance and heighten the spiritual experience of the Hajj trip, leaving you with elevated imaan and a fulfilled experience.